Studio Haim Dotan

Ashdod Academic Campus


Arcitectual Concept and Design

The urban planning of Ashdod City reveals a system of independent quarters surrounded by main roads. Each quarter has its own internal service road and a green park or open gardens at its heart. The proposed campus design connects itself to the urbanity of the city of Ashdod by using a road ring within itself for vehicular traffic as well as for service and emergency access.

The heart of the campus is a green park opened to the skies. Surrounded by buildings, the park incorporates green hills, pedestrian and bicycle paths, a pond and sport fields. A pedestrian ring surrounds the park, linking the buildings. This ring is the oxygen and blood of the campus. Below ground the ring serves as a service tunnel incorporating sanitation, electrical, air conditioning and all service systems.

The campus design allows flexibility in the positioning of the faculties around the peripheral ring without major disruption to the overall concept. It allows growth in a natural way.

The campus will be built in three phases. In phase one, six buildings will be built and the infrastructure, service tunnel and park laid out. Phase two will include the administration building, student center, main auditorium and various faculties. In phase three, the park will be extended over the existing road and the two-level parking garages and the sport fields and facilities will be built.


Haim Dotan Architects LTD

Target completion December 2014


City of Ashdod, Israel

Shamoon College of Engineering

Project Team



Project Architect: 


Haim Dotan, Hagit Levy-Zur,

Gabi Oved,Avi Arbel, Sylvia Rasman,

Imanuel Amsalem, Udi Hikeri,

Boris Yakob



Project Manager:


Tafnit-Vind Ltd



Structural Engineer:


Dagesh Engineering



Landscape Architect:


TeMA Design




Haim Dotan