Studio Haim Dotan

Angela and Sami Shamoon Engineering Building


Architectural Concept and Design:

The new campus for the Negev Academic College of Engineering is built in an old and dilapidated neighborhood in Be’er Sheva City. The campus will house 9 buildings for a total of 20,000 sq.m. of space, consisting of classrooms, computer laboratories, auditoriums, a student union, offices, parking, sports facilities and a new park. The structures are envisioned as a series of bridges floating over the park, keeping the ground as a free public space.


Haim Dotan LTD Architects with Gershon Shevach Architects

Completed 2002


Shamoon College of Engineer

Project Team

Project Architect: 

Hagit Levi-Zur

Project Manager: 

Nir, Baran Construction Ltd



Structural Engineer: 

Zvi Hemly


Landscape Architects:

TeMA Design

Interior Design:

Ben Biran


Haim Dotan