Studio Haim Dotan

Hadera Performing Art Center Israel


Architectural Concept and Design:

The design concept is that of a built quiet element of nature incorporated into a park. Old Hadera was a beloved small town engulfed in greenery, shrouded in blooming orchard fragrance. Today’s Hadera is a city where orchards have become residential neighborhoods and commercial centers surrounded and bisected by roads and urban noise.

The cultural hall complex will stand in contrast to the immediate surroundings of typical residential boxes. The building lines are soft and curvilinear, fluid and free of symmetry and straight lines. The form of the structure expresses dynamics and nature and the topography around. The entrance foyer is a flowing space, encircled by curved walls like a flower. The central building consists of the theater hall, the stage and the actors’ wing built in an amorphic shape like a mountain in nature.



City of Rehovot, Israel


Mifal Ha'pais, Israel

Project Team

Project Architect:


Sylvia Rasman, Avi Arbel

Interior Architects:


Haim Dotan LTD Architects, Ben Biran


Haim Dotan