Studio Haim Dotan

Azrieli Institute for Educational Empowerment



Architectural Concept and Design:

The project is conceived as "oasis environment", a place of quietude, tranquility, warmth and safety. The building is conceptualized as nature with soft topographical forms made of spray concrete. The curvilinear asymmetrical buildings symbolize harmony and togetherness like Yin-Yang.Two hill-like wings enclose an intimate courtyard among them, the heart of the project. The courtyard serves as a place of social and educational activities as well as an intimate contemplative space.

Haim Dotan Ltd Architects with David Azrieli Architects

completed 2007


David J. Azrieli, Sakta-Rashi Foundation, France, U.I A. of Canada, City of Beer Sheva.

Project Team

Project Architects: 


Architects Haim Dotan, David Azrieli, Dr. Eyal Nir,
Gabi Oved, Hagit Levi-Zur, Alon Peso, Efrat Gilboa, Avi Arbel




Haim Dotan