Studio Haim Dotan

The Walworth Barbour American International School


Architectural Concept and Design:

The design philosophy of the American International School is anchored in simplicity and in viewing the school as a village of learning in nature. The concept is a tranquil learning environment inside courtyards and gardens, where nature is the principal actor,conducive for studying, happiness and freedom.
Central on campus, the library is a building for self-learning, widening of one’s horizons, curiosity and peace. The design goal was the creation of a building with heart and soul for the children and the staff, which expresses the beauty of nature and mankind. The structure is conceived as natural topography in the disappearing rural landscape of hills and orchards. The round form, similar to a hill, symbolizes completeness and embracement


Haim Dotan Ltd Architects with Plesner Archiects and H2L2 architects U.S.A

completed 2007


American International School

Project Team

Project Architect: 

Haim Dotan, Avi Arbel, Sylvia Rasman,

Hagit Levi-Zur, Efrat Gilboa, Gabi Oved.

Structural Engineer: 

Eldad Bukspan engineers

Interior Design:

Haim Dotan Architects LTD

Landscape Architects:

Baran Group