Studio Haim Dotan

AORA Solar Tower Israel + Almeria, Spain


Architectural Concept and Design

The AORA Solar Energy Tower is a new pioneering project built in 2009 in Kibbutz Samar, in the southern desert of Israel. The project is the pilot energy tower, using a breakthrough technology of concentrating solar energy to power a gas turbine and create 100kW electric power and 170kW of thermal power for the local community. The energy tower is modular, extending over time to create clean energy communities.


The architectural goal is to create a new vision for solar towers in Israel and worldwide,

Not merely utilitarian and functional structures but beautiful objects in the landscape. The solar tower is conceptualized as a flower in the desert, complimenting the natural topography of the surrounding mountains with a soft curvilinear form.


The flower symbolizes harmony, balance and a dialog. It is an integration of art, sculpture, architecture and soul, creating beauty and love of nature. The purpose of the fields of flowers is to create emotions, excitement and awareness to world ecology in place of indifference and destruction of world natural resources

Haim Dotan Ltd Architects

Completed 2009


Aora Solar

Project Team

Project Architect:


Haim Dotan, Adi Ayalon

Structural Engineer:


Yss Danny Shaham

Structural Engineer:


 Alkayam Ltd.