Studio Haim Dotan

Andre Minkoff Auditorium


Architectural Concept and Design:

This building acts as an entry to the Negev academic College of Engineering in Be’er Sheva City. The 2,000 sq.m. structure consists of 3 lecture halls with a capacity of 110 students each, which open into a multi-purpose auditorium. Other facilities include a cafeteria, offices, a public gathering plaza under the building, and a garden.
The round structure floating above the ground symbolizes harmony and togetherness. It is a pure steel structure, constructed of 8 V-shaped steel frames spanning 27 meters and is covered with aluminum strips and insulated glass.

Haim Dotan Ltd Architects with Gershon Shevach Architects

Completed 2003


Shamoon College of Engineer

Project Team


Project Architect: 

Hagit Levy-Zur, Sylvia Rasman


Project Manager: 

Nir, Baran Construction Ltd


Interior Design:

Ben Biran


Structural Engineer: 

Zvi Hemly


Landscape Architects:

TeMA Design





Mr. and Mrs. Minkoff
Sacta Rashi Foundation

Haim Dotan


Published September 18, 2009