Studio Haim Dotan

Atlantis Residences Eilat Israel


Architectual Concept and Design

The Atlantis project is a daring architectural innovation for Eilat City and Israel. The project integrates the natural history of the region and the technological future we live in. The design challenge is to uncover the soul of the exquisite landscape located between the Gulf of Eilat and the Edom and Eilat Mountains. This search involved studying the desert history of Faran River and the Timna mountains. Nature has no styles, but instead an indescribable beauty—a result of geological activities, desert winds and flood water. There is a lot to study from the wisdom of nature and the logic of creation, which we are far from understanding. In the nature of this area, we find caressing amorphous forms, round openings in the rocks carved by the winds and water.


Project Team

Project Architect:


Avi Arbel

Structural Engineer:


Perry Rabin Engineers LTD 

Landscape Architect:


Lihu Suzanna 





Haim Dotan

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