Studio Haim Dotan

Tel Aviv Museum Competition


Architectural Concept and Design

The architectural proposal derives its inspiration from three realms: the quietude of nature, the Israeli spirit and the technological world. Birds singing, tall eucalyptus trees, green grass, a walk in the shaded park, the sunken court, quiet waters, soft light. All allay the acoustical and visual noise around and within ourselves. A soft and quiet building connected to Dubnov Park, enlarging it to create a green place of repose in the city. The three hill-like structures constitute the new museum wings, with a flower nested among them: a central atrium space filled with soft light and opening towards the skies.

The new building will be connected to the existing museum both physically and symbolically. It is organized around a central atrium similar to that of the existing building. Thus, visitors walking around the central space of the old building will feel a sense of familiarity while in the new atrium. However, the sculptural and dynamic character of the new atrium emphasizes the difference between the old and new-artistically, technologically and in the use of light.


Haim Dotan Architects LTD

New Building – Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Herta & Paul Amir International Architectural Competition

Project Team

Project Architects:

Haim Dotan, Hagit Levi-Zur, Sylvia Rasman, Gabi Oved, Avi Arbel, Imanuel Amsalem