Studio Haim Dotan

Chengdu Scientific Incubation Park of the Internet Things 成都主创


Architectual Concept and Design


Quietude of nature

Rolling hills

Hugging a pond

Shells in its heart

Of quietude



Cengdu is a city advocating modern life and technology together with nature. The city has long been established as a national base for Electronic and IT industry with several key national electronic R&D institutes located in Chengdu. The new proposed Scientific Incubation Park of the Internet of Things is a new 60,000 square meters center incorporating R&D and office buildings, exhibition and conference centers, hotel and commercial facilities.


The urban and architectural vision of the new Scientific Incubation Park of the Internet of Things is that of a welcoming quiet park situated along the highway from the airport to the city center. The new project symbolizes harmony and balance between the modern city and the country side.


The project is organized around a central water pond with the R&D buildings hugging it quietly. It is a green heart with local landscaping, pedestrian and bicycle paths. Like topography of hills and mountains, the buildings are low on the east side, gradually increasing in height towards the office and hotel tower. The tower is the icon and symbol of the project. Located in the middle of the pond are an exhibition and conference buildings in a shape of two shell, symbolizing dynamics and fluidity. The R&D offices while being modern and technological are curved and soft in form with green roofs and rich landscaping around, to convey tranquility and quietude for the workers and visitors.


The new Scientific Incubation Park of the Internet of Things incorporates sustainable ecological solar radiation, natural light, building shading, natural cooling and ventilation, and the use of local recyclable materials.